"And the way that we feel might have to be sacrificed"


February 07, 2014 ------------
- Traded Mysti: my ruin09, earphones08, dimension24 for holygrail17, jabberwock07, jabberwock12, microwave01, microwave05

January 30, 2014 ------------
- Traded gwiboon: my valoran15, valoran30, projectg09, projectg27 for jabberwock10, jabberwock17, trueself08

January 27, 2014 ------------
- Traded Chris: my subspace19 for jabberwock01

January 25, 2014 ------------
- Traded Jesheckah: my hero09, mc-Saku for lastalia22, lastalia25, mc-Jesheckah

January 22, 2014 ------------
- Traded Chris: my uroboros13 for jabberwock02

January 07, 2014 ------------
- Traded Ash: my awesome28, mc-Saku for holygrail22, mc-Ash

January 06, 2014 ------------
- Traded Chris: my tibbers12, deathlotus12, deathlotus13, mc-Saku for lastalia09, songbird22, tartarus12, mc-Chris, spyrix13, psypher02, psypher16

December 30, 2013 ------------
- Traded Chris: my titan26, crescendo01 for overdive22, summoner03

December 24, 2013 ------------
- Wishes: flask, summoner11, holygrail08, tartarus06
- Update: lifebinder15, christmas17
- Wishes: flask, mc-Nata, seed17, songbird17, overdive27, angelwing12
- Update: zenith19, zenith30, haunted01
- Wishes: flask, fire, fire, air, seed22, overdive23, summoner15, lastalia21, angelwing02, holygrail19
- Update: trueself06, projectg09
- Wishes: light (x3), flask, holygrail26, overdive20
- Update: spring03, spring16, redmarker20
- Yorick's Graveyard: seed07, seed08
- Twisted Fate's Pick A Card: night21, specimen15
- Gambit's Blackjack: candies30, kirkwall09
- Larry's Relationships: ark18, deathlotus13
- Lucca's Telepod: projectg27, teaparty15
- Navi's Quotes: 7years27, ruin09
- Chun-Li's Brawl: returners02, fate04, water
- Deckard Cain's Lore: haunted19, teaparty07
- Tik Tak Toe: uroboros07, mutation26, earth
- Phoenix's Publishers: clubmaster15, kungfu05
- Rosalina's Release Dates: dinosaur02, pies09
- Vega's Voice Actors: christmas23, bloodwing12

December 15, 2013 ------------
- Traded Roax: my glimmerous15 for holygrail14, songbird26

December 04, 2013 ------------
- Triple Triad: wonderland19, dragons04, dark, fire
- Shinra's Bestiary: report19, rainfell13
- Tik Tak Toe: specimen01, dimension24, water
- Eyes on Me: ranch20, glimmerous15
- Deckard Cain's Lore: dinosaur04, baseball04
- Chun-Li's Brawl: prophecy07, walkers28, water
- Traded Beatrix: my ranch05, mc-Saku for seed04, mc-Beatrix

November 28, 2013 ------------
- Traded Roax: my ruffrabbit02, minion06, spyrix29 for holygrail12, jabberwock22, microwave11, microwave15, overdive04

November 26, 2013 ------------
- Traded Ets: my clubmaster05, canary08 for lastalia18, lastalia23, overdive13
- Yorick's Graveyard: seed26, seed30
- Traded Dite: my rivenwell27, teaparty15 for overdive11, overdive15, overdive21

November 24, 2013 ------------
- Level Up: seed09, rivenwell27, spyrix01, crescendo01
- Mastered tears: seed03, seed06, masteremerald06, straysheep28, valoran30, vampirekiller05
- Wishes: lastalia05, summoner07, tears06, jabberwock23, seed29, holygrail06, angelwing13, tears12, summoner09, holygrail11, lastalia28
- Update: wives10, cvirus29, cvirus30, earphones08, adventurer08, adventurer12
- Mega Punch: canary08, ruffrabbit02, air, metal
- Psyduck's Memory: uroboros13, titan20, air
- Hannigan's Intel: spyrix29, two04
- Lee Sin's Vision: protoon15, commitment04
- Rosalina's Release Dates: cookingshow28, beauty10
- Character Select: fabric14, rosewar08, fire
- Shinra's Bestiary: seed28, bachelor08

November 23, 2013 ------------
- Traded Pixeluna: my groovetron14, ministars07, retro07, retro24, straysheep24, brotherhood05 for seed21, holygrail15, overdive02, overdive07, overdive09, overdive16, overdive30

November 19, 2013 ------------
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): terra09, air
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): straysheep24, ice
- Love Love Harvest: eggman04, angelwing08, two13, earth, earth
- Wheatley's Puzzle Hack: cookingshow10, subspace19, earth
- Slots (Java Free): night16, subspace01
- Tik Tak Toe: lastalia10, evert22, earth
- Eyes on Me: groovetron14, teaparty15
- Deckard Cain's Lore: terra30, vampirekiller04
- Chun-Li's Brawl: awesome28, soulmate15, ice
- Puyo Puzzle: hairdresser14, water
- Twisted Fate's Pick A Card: sexuality14, foolish10
- Navi's Quotes: clubmaster05, principal03
- Lucca's Telepod: larva02, hero09
- Larry's Relationships: brush02, commitment06
- Gambit's Blackjack: subspace18, specimen26
- Wishes: songbird15, holygrail09, microwave22, tears04, summoner05, jabberwock05, seed01, spyrix29, tartarus01, lastalia06, spyrix14, tartarus04, jabberwock29, microwave19, holygrail30, tears09, lastalia30, summoner10, songbird18
- Update: grima22, grima25, rakyat12
- Wishes: love, evil, water, tears05, tears15, flask
- Update: spyrix19, spyrix24, evert04
- Traded Ets: my clubmaster24, teaparty10 for microwave12, microwave20, microwave28
- Traded Dite: my teaparty05, mc-Saku for tears07, mc-Dite

November 18, 2013 ------------
- Traded Roax: my prophecy20, rhyme13, wardens24 for tears08, microwave07

November 15, 2013 ------------
- Traded Minako: my amusementpark15, awesome19, 3days07, 3days20, mc-Saku for jabberwock04, lastalia03, microwave18, overdive18, overdive24, mc-Minako

November 11, 2013 ------------
- Traded Emoly: my azeroth11, mayor14 for jabberwock30, tartarus10

November 10, 2013 ------------
- Traded Mysti: my valoran04, ambidex22 for holygrail23, microwave08

November 05, 2013 ------------
- Traded Shawnna: my guardian11, albhed12, mc-Saku for lastalia14, holygrail18, holygrail20, holygrail24, mc-shawnna
- Traded leigh: my exploration20, exploration29, kirkwall08, kirkwall24, masks06, masks29, mc-Saku for seed12, holygrail21, microwave02, tartarus14, tartarus19, overdive17, mc-leigh

November 04, 2013 ------------
- Update: lastalia04, lastalia11, wardens24
- Handsome Jack's Upcoming Deck Vote: love
- Mega Punch: albhed12, amusementpark15, air, metal
- Triple Triad: 3days07, mayor14, dark
- Puzzle Series: kirkwall08, exploration02, ambidex22, two09, light, metal
- Puzzle Series: rhyme13, titan20, fire
- Puzzle Series: songbird27, valoran15, air
- Puzzle Series: lasplagas24, valoran03, ice
- Puzzle Series: straysheep30, retro07, fire
- Traded Ets: my chefsknife02, firestone09, hero15 for overdive28, overdive29, summoner02, tears02

November 03, 2013 ------------
- Slots (Java Free): wonderland03, ranch05
- Find Sonic: sacraments30, 3days20, dark
- Psyduck's Memory: heartflame30, dragons25, plant
- Daxter's Card Disaster: fabric19, minion06
- Hannigan's Intel: psypher18, teaparty10
- Rosalina's Release Dates: masks06, chefsknife01
- Lee Sin's Vision: origami05, hero15
- Character Select: clubmaster24, microwave30, ice

November 02, 2013 ------------
- Traded Ashley: my heartflame22, larva12, motivation13, mc-Saku for holygrail03, holygrail10, holygrail13, mc-Ashley
- Traded Mysti: my mortality06, sacraments26, mc-Saku for seed20, overdive05, overdive10, mc-Mysti

November 01, 2013 ------------
- Traded Roax: my guerilla04, guerilla05, guerilla15, reapersgame11, detective13, mc-Saku for seed23, seed24, seed25, seed28, seed16, holygrail25, tears01, jabberwock19, mc-Roax
- Traded Trade With Joey: my walkers06, groovetron16 for overdive08, overdive12

October 30, 2013 ------------
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): fire, love, metal, flask for heartflame22, fire
- Wishes: guerilla05, holygrail04, overdive06,summoner13, tears14, seed15, tartarus24, songbird03, microwave14, jabberwock25
- Update: guerilla04, guerilla15, etoile09
- Wishes: rhythmia08, rhythmia30, seed27, fire (x3)
- Update: firestone09, protoon27
- Wishes: light, love (x2), seed13, tears10
- Update: tears03, rhyme05
- Puzzle Series: twins17, holygrail07, retro25, mortality06, air, plant
- Puzzle Series: prophecy20, mother26, ice
- Puzzle Series: exploration23, mutation22, fire
- Puzzle Series: moodlets25, pro14, evil
- Puzzle Series: specimen20, jabberwock15, earth
- Love Love Harvest: swallow03, deathlotus12, amusementpark03, metal, plant
- Puyo Puzzle: kunoichi01, air
- Wheatley's Puzzle Hack: fabric12, conception12, fire
- Lucca's Telepod: rosecross20, detective13
- Twisted Fate's Pick A Card: ice, light
- Navi's Quotes: songbird01, paletree12
- Larry's Relationships: walkers06, chefsknife02
- Gambit's Blackjack: straysheep11, nonary25

October 27, 2013 ------------
- Traded lenamii: my mayor14, clubmaster12, mc-Saku for seed11, seed19, mc-lenamii

October 22, 2013 ------------
- Traded Reno: my calamity15, mc-Saku for holygrail01, holygrail02, mc-Reno
- Tik Tak Toe: groovetron16, holygrail16, flask
- Shinra's Bestiary: valoran04, guardian11
- Eyes on Me: psypher11, seductive12
- Chun-Li's Brawl: retro24, wonderland10, metal
- Traded Ets: my raccooncity01, mc-Saku for songbird06, mc-Ets

October 17, 2013 ------------
- Handsome Jack's Upcoming Deck Vote: ice
- Triple Triad: seed05, ideal09, water
- Slots (Jackpot): sacraments09, titan26, straysheep22, reapersgame11
- Puyo Puzzle: brotherhood05, plant
- Gambit's Blackjack: night23, sacraments26
- Navi's Quotes: masks29, kidnapped15
- Lucca's Telepod: conception27, calamity07
- Larry's Relationships: ministars25, foolish09
- Twisted Fate's Pick A Card: air, earth
- Wheatley's Puzzle Hack: azeroth11, songbird08, air
- Psyduck's Memory: rhyme09, lollipops04, metal
- Deckard Cain's Lore: gravity08, witch10
- Eyes on Me: nonary29, timetravel03
- Chun-Li's Brawl: awesome19, mayor14, evil
- Love Love Harvest: fabric11, kirkwall24, dark
- Shinra's Bestiary: hiddenpeople12, tears13
- Tik Tak Toe: conception02, exploration20, earth
- Rosalina's Release Dates: tvworld03, teaparty05
- Daxter's Card Disaster: motivation13, calamity15
- Lee Sin's Vision: lollipops25, literary11
- Hannigan's Intel: origami04, tibbers12
- Mega Punch: candies16, water
- Character Select: ministars07, raccooncity01, plant
- Starter Pack: seed02, seed05, exploration29, pilgrimage07, larva12, clubmaster12, soulmate20, mc-Saku