"And the way that we feel might have to be sacrificed"


October 20, 2014 ------------
- Traded Tama: my breast04, railgun08 for clow10

July 29, 2014 ------------
- Traded Diana: my heir10, takemyrevolution14 for dawnking01, heliohapt12, lotus11

July 25, 2014 ------------
- Traded Vilya: my tokunaga08, sybak03 for zagan06, zagan08

July 17, 2014 ------------
- Traded Tale: my yatagarasu02, yatagarasu15, marble04, marble11 for watermagic04, watermagic09, watermagic12, watermagic13

July 16, 2014 ------------
- Level up: gal13, homunculus02, homunculus05, homunculus06, angelysugar12, maouthehand13, kendo13, arrogant08, janken15, endlave02, pluto11, bookman12, miwashirow03, s-rank13, miwashirow19, costumes20, magazine

July 13, 2014 ------------
- Mastered shinigamihime: gal10, gal11, newjior10, meat10, tabris10, mariostory19
- Mastered chakra: shinigamihime09, shinigamihime12, demonic14, hatchin03, dedicatus06, servants14
- Mastered blackorder: marriage02, marriage04, fogtroupe01, carrot05, maxwell05, rosebride04, greenpencil
- Traded Roax: my breeder15, collar15, excalibur06, excalibur13, luxendarc08, miwashirow01, mystic04, twisted15, vino01, swordswoman09 for shinigamihime14, gal12, marriage09, lotus04, lotus10, homunculus10, homunculus11, homunculus15, dawnking15, zagan11, england12
- New layout: zagan07, shinigamihime03, clow02, excalibur06, chakra07, mystic04, barona01, luxendarc08, watermagic01
- Release: excalibur13, breeder15, collar15, vino01, zagan15, dawnking02, heliohapt06, pervert14, venus02, selfless01, secretbase13, rinjinbu06, miwashirow01, moonblast18

June 28, 2014 ------------
- Traded Celi: my radiance01 for watermagic05

June 26, 2014 ------------
- Traded Mysti: my murdertrial13, mc_saku for cooking03, mc_mysti

June 13, 2014 ------------
- Lucky Pick: bluepencil

June 11, 2014 ------------
- Deck Donations: pocketwatch06, witchcraft12, mission01, isis09, affinity15, mugiwara14, all-rounder11, mystery05, ruffrabbit13, innovator08, milk, magazine

June 10, 2014 ------------
- Traded kiss: my centernova03, endless07, hallmonitor05, hovercraft08 for bookman07, bookman10, bookman15, gal06, gal08

June 08, 2014 ------------
- Traded Lita: my amarcian02, future04 for chakra05, crownclown13, healer13

June 07, 2014 ------------
- Traded Katy: my benishigure14 for homunculus03

June 06, 2014 ------------
- Traded Shannon: my singer12 for lotus07

June 05, 2014 ------------
- Traded moe: my andromeda10 for lotus14

June 03, 2014 ------------
- Traded Roax: my luxendarc20 for blackorder01

June 02, 2014 ------------
- Traded Styx: my meiji13 for shinigamihime10, shinigamihime13
- Traded Kiri: my sees03 for clow08

June 01, 2014 ------------
- Birthday lottery: returnofphantom05, meiji13, sees03, thememories03, teamrider07, s-rank11, trainers06, arcana16, noiziito09, huke13, andromeda10, aurorafantasy10, cleanfreak10, vassal07, centernova03, murdertrial13, marriage03, cooking05, starlightacademy02, hovercraft08, arcana11, costumes09, servants07, stmichaels11, trainers16, 1choicepermastery3 (x2), pinkpencil, redpencil, yellowpencil, greenpencil, bluepencil, purplepencil, graypencil, milk, magazine

May 31, 2014 ------------
- Gamer Guess: space03, glimmerous12, gay11, ikemenijin04
- Traded Tale: my aestusestus01, believer10 for barona03, gal09

May 28, 2014 ------------
- Sailing Expeditions: cognition07, cook13, forced03, redo08
- Mastered endlave: shinigamihime06, shinigamihime07, ryouran08, sprinter03, bookman13, costumes11
- Mastered unpleasant: endlave12, endlave14, mission05, spindash15, sybak03, luxendarc20
- Mastered tyrant: endlave09, endlave10, scarf06, heir10, bookman04, servants11
- Mastered heir: tyrant13, endlave07, firstchild12, relief03, renovate07, carmine02
- Mastered ice: tyrant07, tyrant08, heibon06, breast04, takoyaki13, ikemenijin06
- Mastered fanalis: ice12, ice13, cleanfreak03, disqualified06, pocketwatch04, clow04
- Dye Bottle: snakeeyes08, watermagic07, pilot04, benishigure10, aitakatta02, kyrios07, jump02, purplepencil

May 26, 2014 ------------
- Freebie: blackorder11
- Level up freebies: blackorder06, ice03, endlave02, recall01, clow06, homunculus12, femaleshepherds18
- Birthday lottery: shinigamihime02, tyrant01, blackorder14, ice02, endlave04
- Card Clues: 142cm03, witchcraft13, swordswoman09, enforcer15
- Crossword: believer10, yosuga11, chakra03, commoner09, all-rounder08, lifeenergy05, choices12
- Yayoi's Closet: radiance01, meat10, ornaments09

May 25, 2014 ------------
- Mini-mastery: backstroke04, relief12, ornaments04, marble04, allmate04, violin05, sonic10, redrose05, happyrainbow03, logic09, protest04, sprinter02, recall12, ooparts13, freewill15, karate02, scratch08, fan09, thirdchild13, variable01, newfuture04, costumes10, graypencil (x2), greenpencil (x2), yellowpencil
- Jams!: june12, aestusestus01, takemyrevolution14
- Who's the Seiyuu?: lotus06, centernova04, gamer02, steak15
- Shiritori (4/10): king07, tokunaga08, sybak07, forced03, baseball15, dancer10, singer13, railgun08
- Lucky Pick: pocketwatch09, lightspeed13

May 22, 2014 ------------
- Traded Griffin: my endless15, costumes14 for chakra01, gamer01, nurse14
- Traded Chrissy: my backstroke07, perceive10 for chakra06, fanalis10

May 21, 2014 ------------
- Traded Mavis: my janken11, samezuka15 for chakra03, unpleasant08

May 20, 2014 ------------
- Traded Katy: my benishigure11 for recall03
- Traded Roax: my kidsontheslope07, enamikatsumi09, gandr12 for blackorder12, unpleasant13, england07, risette06
- Lucky Pick: endlave05, unpleasant11, chakra11, blackorder15, tyrant12
- Traded Roax: my glimmerous05, glimmerous12, glimmerous15, sos12, femaleshepherds08, gambler01, gambler08, freewill09, freewill14, prosecute04, prosecute08, prosecute11, zero04 for chakra08, chakra12, chakra13, unpleasant05, blackorder13, ice04, shinigamihime01, shinigamihime15, tyrant05, gal07, bookman09, homunculus01, homunculus04, homunculus14
- New host: endlave08, ice01, clow05, shinigamihime08, blackorder04, unpleasant10, tyrant11
- Grand Opening: shinigamihime11, recall15, chakra04, endlave13, blackorder02, clow03, unpleasant12, ice07, barona07, heir05, tyrant03, gamer15
- Release: glimmerous12, gambler08, prosecute04, chakra10, endlave06, recall06, ice09, tyrant06, shinigamihime04, gamer14, barona06, freewill09, blackorder07, marriage01, sos12, clow07, enamikatsumi09, femaleshepherds12
- Card Clues: unpleasant06, chakra15, ice14
- Crazy Cards: chakra02, heir04, fanalis06, tyrant15, blackorder08
- Flower Picking: prosecute08, heir03, chakra14

May 19, 2014 ------------
- Traded Jen: my isis05, princess07 for gal03, unpleasant04
- Traded Abyss: my jump06 for heir08

May 18, 2014 ------------
- Traded Diana: my fanservice13 for recall05
- Yayoi's Closet: zero04, spicyageha12, affinity14
- Traded Gigi: my huke09 for gal05, gal15
- Traded Hijiri: my marble02, yatagarasu08 for clow01
- Traded Takane: my trainers07 for heir15, glimmerous05
- Traded Rea: my starlightacademy11, leaves03 for chakra09, tyrant02, tyrant04
- Traded Chels: my bravely10 for endlave01, crownclown01
- Traded Pikari: my voice15 for endlave03
- Traded Tale: my amarcian11, arcana15 for barona10, bookman01, endlave15

May 17, 2014 ------------
- Traded Vanja: my trainers17, police14 for bookman03, watermagic02, watermagic10
- Traded Melissa: my backstroke14 for gamer06
- Traded Muri: my huke05, jellyfish15 for blackorder09, endlave11
- Traded Shannon: my lifeenergy06, goodluck07, detectives02, detectives05 for ice05, ice06, ice10, ice15, blackorder05
- Traded Liese: my butterfly05, goodluck11 for heir09, ice08
- Traded Kiss: my magician09, ninja04, 100th10, meat10, redrose12, ootoro06 for gal04, ice11, tyrant09, blackorder03, blackorder10
- Freebies: copying06, reisys02, arcana12, homra07
- Sailing Expeditions: mentalout06, cleanfreak14, lightmusic01, kidsontheslope07
- Crazy Card: twisted15, diva01, protest13, fanservice13, gambler02, butterfly05
- Trading Achievement: glimmerous15, 100th10, gangster06, futuringgirl14, spicyageha10, cthugha01, meat10, tyrant10, gandr12, prosecute11, freewill14, all-rounder04, purplepencil
- Naho's Notes: all-rounder07, lifeenergy06, pizza05, spacepirate09, arrogant07, yellowpencil
- Shop (Pack 05): gambler01, tyrant14
- Shop (Pack 05): firstchild13, angel09
- Shop (Pack 06): shinigamihime05, angelysugar14, gay01, carmilla09
- Referral: crownclown03, pizza11, dynames09
- Error Report: unpleasant14, recall02
- Who's the Seiyuu?: heroine15, jump06, pig-latin04, major07
- Birthday: redrose12, singer12, fanalis08, mayushi03, purplepencil
- Flower Picking: crownclown02, hallmonitor05, masked12, pinkist09, janken11, jellyfish15

May 16, 2014 ------------
- Mastered sopheria: fanalis11, fanalis12, marble02, al-thamen08, heir12, arcana15
- Mastered effort: sopheria02, sopheria14, police14, mentalout05, cannon15, s-rank01
- Mastered vinea: effort09, effort11, fanalis04, catastrophe06, thirdchild04, trainers17
- Mastered gay: effort04, effort08, cook02, variable12, amarcian11, femaleshepherds08

May 14, 2014 ------------
- Traded Celi: my phantom12 for heir02 (111)

May 13, 2014 ------------
- Level up: effort02, spicyageha08, secondchild04, huke09
- Jams!: ryouran10, pig-latin09, starlightacademy11
- Yayoi's Closet: skillout01, morisummer10, voice15

May 12, 2014 ------------
- Buzz In!: isis05, ability11, marble11, relief04, magiccancel10, magazine
- Card Clues: america02, mjolnir02, vinea06, gay03

May 11, 2014 ------------
- Traded Lex: my isis13, steak03, commoner14 for fanalis14, heir01, unpleasant03 (110)
- Traded Tale: my magiccancel14, mc_saku for fanalis07, mc_tale (107)

May 10, 2014 ------------
- Dye Bottle: yatagarasu15, vinea10, mjolnir10, perceive10, ruffrabbit05, spindash04, greenpencil
- Traded Hollie: my freestyle06, freestyle10 for fanalis04, heir12 (105)

May 09, 2014 ------------
- Traded Roax: my accuracy07, sopheria07 for sopheria12, fanalis03 (103)
- Crazy Card: mystery13, accuracy09, morisummer06, yatagarasu08, leaves03, goodluck07, purplepencil
- Sailing Expeditions: ornaments07, heroine04, commoner14, ootoro06
- Yayoi's Closet: ace09, tabris09, backstroke14
- Picture Hunt: demonic09, gal02, leekspin09, costumes14

May 08, 2014 ------------
- Traded Wing: my scarf12, outside12, jump01, perceive12 for sopheria11, unpleasant07, unpleasant09, unpleasant15 (101)
- Freebies: allmate09, princess07, firstprincess03, carmine07
- Traded Hijiri: my sonic01 for sopheria05 (97)
- Traded Rea: my happyrainbow10 for sopheria03 (96)

May 07, 2014 ------------
- Traded vilya: my pinkist01, pinkist07 for sopheria10, fanalis01 (95)
- Mega Macaron Lottery: mjolnir07, sopheria07, untouchable04, spicyageha12, benishigure12, titans13, commoner13, copying03, all-rounder02, fan01, phantom12, masked11, outside12, lightspeed08, accuracy05, endless15, guertena02, starlightacademy09, future04, huke05, carmine07, trainers07, returnofphantom07, ootoro07
- Traded Narwhal: my pizza15, magician15, mc_saku for vinea14, fanalis02, mc_narwhal (93)
- Grabby Hands: meganest04, meganest07, meganest15, carmine08
- Traded Tale: my feathers07 for vinea15 (90)
- Traded Chrissy: my angelysugar15, mc_saku for fanalis05, mc_chrissy (89)

May 06, 2014 ------------
- Traded Shiny: my perceive15, mc_saku for sopheria09, mc_shiny (87)
- Jams!: ninja04, sonic05, bravely10
- Dye Bottle: heir06, inlove08, lightspeed15, magician09, king14, angelysugar15, bluepencil

May 05, 2014 ------------
- Flower Picking: ruffrabbit01, effort01, voice11, narcolepsy15, america07, masked05
- Traded Katy: my backstroke08 for vinea05 (85)
- Card Clues: photon12, unpleasant01, pizza15, 142cm01
- Sailing Expeditions: catastrophe04, amarcian02, scarf12, starlightacademy01

May 02, 2014 ------------
- Buzz In!: freestyle10, hypnosis06, ninja13, goodluck06, backstroke07, ruffrabbit10
- Crossword: secondchild01, pinkist07, feathers07, sonic08, magician15, bluepencil

April 30, 2014 ------------
- Traded Tsurumi: my butterfly14, mc_saku for effort10, mc_tsurumi (84)
- Sailing Expeditions: carmilla15, magiccancel14, pisces08, detectives05, pinkpencil
- Traded Nata: my capricorn14, cancer13, mc_saku for fanalis09, sopheria13, mc_nata (82)

April 29, 2014 ------------
- Crazy Card: ninja01, backstroke08, copying07, perceive12, photon06, goodluck11, gymnast08, thirdchild04
- Jams!: happyrainbow10, benishigure14, freestyle06, railgun12, fan12, quest07, miracleromance06, newfuture02, detectives02, greenpencil

April 27, 2014 ------------
- Traded Jen: my starlightacademy02, endless15, mc_saku for sopheria06, carmine02, mc_jen (79)
- Yayoi's Closet: leaves12, butterfly14, perceive15, england15, steak15, jump01, happyrainbow11, vectors12, inlove14, milk
- Traded Shiru: my costumes04, mc_saku for vinea06, accuracy10, mc_shiru (75)
- Traded Roax: my leekspin03, convictions03, tabris15, nyarlathotep15 for gay13, heir07, heir11, relief03, kattobing08 (72)

April 26, 2014 ------------
- Exchange: hammer12, pig-latin11 for vinea13
- Level up: gay12, accuracy06, pinkist01, costumes04

April 25, 2014 ------------
- Grabby Hands: england02, england03, england14, s-rank02
- Card Clues: gal01, photon07, sprinter10, leekspin03
- Traded Arisa: my butterfly04 for vinea03 (68)
- Traded Kiss: my heroine07, pig-latin03, ryouran02, ryouran07 for carmine03, carmine05 (67)
- Traded Roax: my mercenary11 for heir10 (63)
- Traded Kira: my heibon12, mc_saku for gay11, mc_kira (62)

April 24, 2014 ------------
- Traded Marge: my jump09, mc_saku for vinea04, mc_marge (60)
- Freebies: samezuka15, jump09, magician14, sonic01, noiziito08, starlightacademy02
- Buzz In!: vectors07, lithuania05, ruffrabbit04, lightspeed12, pizza15, dedicatus01, pig-latin08, cthugha06, mjolnir04, endless15
- Traded Roax: my convictions14, perceive03, perceive04, perceive06 for heir14, vinea08, vinea10, sopheria01, sopheria15 (58)

April 22, 2014 ------------
- Traded Wing: my ability09, mc_saku for sopheria08, mc_wing (53)

April 20, 2014 ------------
- Traded Styx: my guertena09, mc_saku for vinea01, fanalis15, mc_styx (51)
- Mastered princess: gay05, gay07, heibon12, cancer13, butterfly04, carmine09
- Traded Raie: my magician15, mc_saku for effort06, mc_raie (49)
- Traded Abyss: my allmate01, heibon13, mc_saku for gay03, vinea09, mc_abyss (47)
- Traded Kinks: my thirdchild07, mc_saku for princess04, mc_kinks (44)

April 19, 2014 ------------
- Traded Roax: my heir15, maxwell03, mystery01, mystery14, titans02, perceive11 for princess10, effort03, effort15, fanalis13, gay04, vinea12 (42)
- Release: heir15, maxwell03, mystery14, thirdchild07, princess15, gay14, effort13, vinea02, sopheria04, fanalis08, accuracy07, england13, titans02, mercenary11, perceive11, gal14, convictions14, miracleromance05, choices06, s-rank13, carmine12
- Traded Nanami: my unpleasant01, mc_saku for gay09, mc_nanami (36)

April 18, 2014 ------------
- Traded Vilya: my research07, mc_saku for gay08, mc_vilya (34)
- Girlfriend Selection: fan04, leaves07, magazine
- Traded Lorekky: my dusk09, mc_saku for princess05, mc_lorekky (32)
- Flower Picking: ryouran02, gay06, isis13, phantomdaughter04, affinity14, unpleasant02
- Traded Hollie: my breast03, mc_saku for effort07, mc_hollie (30)

April 17, 2014 ------------
- Traded Vanja: my trainers10, mc_saku for princess12, sopheria07, mc_vanja (28)
- Traded Rizu: my england05, mc_saku for effort12, mc_rizu (25)
- Traded Ori: my ootoro15, scarf10, mc_saku for effort14, gay10, gay15, mc_ori (23)
- Traded Kaia: my secondchild09, mc_saku for heir13, mc_kaia (19)
- Traded Lex: my scarf07, scarf11, mc_saku for princess11, vinea07, mc_lex (17)
- Dye Bottle: heroine07, copying01, perceive03, unpleasant01, pig-latin03, endless07, yellowpencil
- Traded Arisa: my sailors12, mc_saku for princess01, perceive04, mc_arisa (14)
- Traded Hijiri: my samezuka09, mc_saku for princess13, mc_hijiri (11)

April 16, 2014 ------------
- Shop (Pack 06): benishigure11, yatagarasu02, hypnosis07, ability09
- Traded Kiss: my pisces13, mc_saku for princess08, mc_kiss (09)
- Traded Chels: my relief02, mc_saku for england08, mc_chels (07)
- Grabby Hands: princess02, princess06, gay01, gay02
- Traded Cee: my freestyle08, freestyle12, mc_saku for princess09, england05, mc_cee (05)
- Traded Roax: my heir02, mc_saku for effort05, mc_roax (02)

April 15, 2014 ------------
- Shiritori (10/10): endless10, magician15, fan14, samezuka05, voice06, scarf11, dusk09, breast03, steak03, freestyle08, hypnosis02, perceive06, pisces13, secondchild09, research07, catastrophe11, freestyle12, ryouran07, heir02, hammer12
- Lunch Rush (yellow milk): yellowpencil, purplepencil
- Lunch Rush (pink milk): sailors12, returnofphantom10, ootoro15
- Lunch Rush (dessert): milk, magazine
- Lunch Rush (ramen): dedicatus15, morisummer07, pig-latin11, relief02, heibon13, convictions03, trainers10, guertena09, pinkpencil, yellowpencil
- Starter Pack Bonus: vinea11, nyarlathotep15, scarf07, tabris15, mc_saku
- Starter Pack: princess07, princess14, princess03, jump01, mystery01, allmate01, samezuka09, capricorn14, scarf10, mn_shinshidoumeicross08, milk, pinkpencil (x2)